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Gap #1969

Gap #1969

Facebook app and micro-site for a new clothing campaign


Agency: August Media
Project length: 3 weeks
End date: July 2014
Role: Responsible for mobile UI design and production for launch

During 2013, Gap launched a new Facebook campaign called #1969, which aimed to show off real denim on real people. After a successful first year, they wanted to continue the project by developing a microsite as well.

Part of the challenge was to consolidate the campaigns current content, while making sure the UI worked with new content which would also include video interviews. A tagging system was created for each interview which grouped them based on a particular style of denim. That way the user could browse interviews and look at photos or videos of people wearing a style of denim that they are interested in.

Our design lead worked on the original concept and vision, and once that was signed off I got to work on the production phase which included making it fully responsive, and defining photography and video guidelines for our content producers. Visually it was a pretty straight-forward UI which gave me time to work with the front-end developer on some of the smaller nuances of the site, and creating a bespoke video player completely on brand with Gap.