Gap #1969

Facebook app and micro-site for a new clothing campaign.

A montage of mobile, tablet and desktop screenshots showcasing designs made for the Gap 1969 micro site.

Worked for

August Media



Project length

3 weeks

End date

July 2014

During 2013, Gap launched a new Facebook campaign called #1969, which aimed to show off real denim on real people. After its successful first year, they wanted to continue the project by developing a microsite as well.

Part of the challenge was to consolidate the campaigns current content, while making sure the UI worked with new content which would also include video interviews. We created a tagging system for each interview which grouped them based on a particular style of denim. That way the user could browse interviews and look at photos or videos of people wearing a style of denim that they are interested in.

The design lead on the project originated the concept and look and feel which gave me time to work with our front-end developer on some of the smaller nuances, like how content was introduced through animation, and creating a bespoke video player completely on brand with Gap.

A landing screen where users could pick from a range of models to view and read about. A typical article depicting a model and their biography. A montage of screens on a tablet device. Home screen example on a mobile device.
A selection of responsive screens for the Facebook app experience.