Global redesign for the worlds largest bottling machine manufacturer.

A section of the home screen from the 'Krones' desktop website.

Worked for

id media



Project length

8 months

End date

January 2012


One of the worlds largest bottling machine manufacturers (definitely one of the more ‘niche’ clients I’ve worked for!), Krones required a restructure and redesign of their global site.

Working with two other senior designers, I supported them in the overall look and feel of the site where I focussed heavily on making complex pieces of information as easy to read and simple to navigate as possible. We also had to accommodate various languages as the site had to go live in English, German, Spanish, and Chinese. This was something we had to keep an eye on at every step of the design process.

A screenshot showing the complex navigation open. A screenshot showing the media gallery for products. A screenshot showing how a user could filter through complex content. A screenshot showing how a user could tab through a complex selection product ranges.
Various areas of the site. Imagery was a big part in making the site more engaging and interactive. We retained a clean greyscale look and feel with a hint of blue to keep in line with the brand.

Video content

On the homepage we produced a handful of video and HTML5 promos which I led and art directed. I worked closely with the development team to make sure that they could be maintained in the CMS, while also making sure that each promo retained a sense of individuality. This involved creating a range of templates with varying layouts which could all accommodate either image, video, or HTML5 animations.

A selection of promos for the home screen. Designed in Adobe After Effects with Adobe Media Encoder for web optimisation and rendering. Apologies for the off-point filming — I have no idea what I was thinking!