UK Census – Me and My Community

Educational Flash game designed to teach the importance of a census.

Screenshot of the 'Me And My Community' Flash desktop game.

Worked for

id media


Kids Connections

Project length

3 weeks

End date

January 2011

Collaborating with Kids Connections, I led the design of a game aimed at 5-11 year olds which explained the purpose and importance of a census in a simple but thoughtful way.

I worked on initial concepts with the client, where we decided to take the approach of a simple town/city building game (like Sim City). The player would be required to build a town or city within a certain budget with the aim of meeting and balancing the populations needs and wants. After nailing down the concept, I spent some time finessing a suitable illustration style and direction while also prototyping different scenarios, user cases, and motion patterns with the developer.

The game went down really well in testing and was eventually released across select primary schools across the UK, while also being made available for free download.

Start screen from the 'Me And My Community' Flash desktop game. Empty state from the 'Me And My Community' Flash desktop game. Selecting an option in the 'Me And My Community' Flash desktop game.
Players could build their own town with an aim to create a balanced environment meeting many peoples needs. This balance is decided from census data, thus showing the importance of understanding your citizens.