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Renault UK

Renault UK

Numerous high profile UX and UI projects for this popular car brand


Agency: August Media
Project length: Between January 2010 and December 2013
Role: Design lead responsible for creative direction, initial concept sketching, IA, and UI design
Team: 2 project managers, 2 designers, and 1 developer

Working on projects for Renault became a recurring thing between 2010 and 2013, and provided a great opportunity to intimately understand a brand at a much slower and thoughtful pace than I would with most other projects.

Work ranged from visual exercises (like the redesign of their model landing pages), through to deeper UX solutions for key conversion journeys (like booking a test drive).

After we went live with the model landing pages, we managed to get some numbers back a couple of months later, and the results were pretty promising:

  • +280% lift in clicks to request a brochure
  • +60.71% lift in brochure confirmations
  • +70.24% lift in visitors going to the offers page
  • +158.80% lift in visitors going to the specifications page

Model landing pages

Book a test drive

Renault Press UK responsive wireframes