Rebrand and site redesign for a state-of-the-art pharmaceutical company.

A montage of screenshots from the Algeta desktop website.

Worked for

August Media



Project length

8 weeks

End date

February 2013

A pharmaceutical company based in Norway, Algeta were in the process of developing a new drug for cancer patients. To reflect their brand clearly and cohesively to potential new investors, August were tasked in updating their existing print and digital presence. I led the digital design while collaborating with print designers on our team to create a cohesive rebrand across all mediums.

On the face of it this was a very simple site, however we placed a lot of emphasis on the positioning and detail of how the content should look and feel, particularly in the balance of typography and inspirational imagery. In terms of user experience, a big challenge was to make sure there was a clear journey between our editorial, top level content, and more complex data like financial statistics and share value.

Algeta received a lot of additional interest after we went live with the project and around 6 to 8 months later they were fully acquired by Bayer AG for $2.9 billion.

A complete screenshot depicting the Algeta home screen. A complete example screenshot of an article. Investor information landing screen. A bespoke content screen educating users on Algeta stock options.
A selection of screens from the Algeta site. Content was very typographically driven due to the complexity of the subject matter, almost like a medical journal. We leaned heavily on editorial components such as asides, quotes and visual ledes to help tell the story more effectively.