Colour Me Beautiful iPhone app

Personalised styling tips based on a users hair and eye colour, skin tone, and wardrobe.

Various screenshots of the 'Colour Me Beautiful' iOS app.

Worked for

id media


Colour Me Beautiful

Project length

4 weeks

End date

November 2010

A popular image consultants brand, Colour Me Beautiful offer one to one consultations in colour matching and styling tips.

I worked with our teams design lead to create an app to support their successful range of style books. Part of our solution involved an initial style check based on a users hair/eye colour and skin tone. Once their selections were made the user would be offered a range of colour and styling tips which were expanded on in the books.

This feature worked really well in terms of meeting brief requirements, but we really wanted to develop an experience which people would want to go back to. To try and create more product longevity we made a feature where a user could take photos of an item of clothing which the app would then analyse and provide styling and colour choice feedback. The intention here was that the user would constantly keep building and maintaining their virtual wardrobe.

After launching, the app had some promising download figures in its first few months, and reached its business goal of promoting and selling more Colour Me Beautiful style books.

Various screenshots of the 'Colour Me Beautiful' iOS app. Various screenshots of the 'Colour Me Beautiful' iOS app.
Various screenshots where users could get colour matching and styling recommendations after setting their preferences.