Frigidaire UK

A microsite celebrating the brand from the inventors of the first electric fridge.

A desktop, tablet and mobile montage of a micro site for Frigidaire UK.

Worked for

Head London


Electrolux SE

Project length

3 weeks

End date

December 2015


While working with the team at Head London and their client Electrolux, we worked on a short project to help promote 'Frigidaire' – a sister brand of Electrolux – who were launching a range of products in the UK market. We were tasked to rapidly deliver an engaging single-page site which aimed to promote the brand and a range of products newly available in the UK.

A screenshot depicting the full desktop experience for this one-pager micro site.
The full single page site — heavily branded to help communicate the relatively unknown brand in the UK. Colours, textures and images would be used across various mediums around the country so this contented them all nicely.


I worked closely with our content writer and front-end developer where we researched the Frigidaire history and discovered surprisingly that the company was formed by the inventors of the first electric fridge and that the colloquialism 'fridge' – which we all thought was short for 'refrigerator' – actually originated as a shorthand for 'Frigidaire'! We worked with our product owner and decided to frame our story around that fact, followed by some key features of the products, and then finally the products themselves with details to buy.

Designing the UI and experience of an already flourishing global brand meant that the typeface, colour scheme and pattern work we ended up with was driven by that. To help keep a consistent 'Frigidaire presence' throughout I also spent time art working the hero image to add embellishments of brand colour. I added a personal touch to the key features of products carousel with my own designed iconography, making sure the visual language tied in well with the brand.

A screenshot of a tablet showing brand features. A screenshot of a tablet showing various products. A montage of screenshots on mobile devices depicting the micro site.
We designed this site mobile-first which actually made it easier to replicate the content over larger viewports.