Day 1 of tiny whoops

Delving in to the very addictive world of tiny whoop drones and the steep learning curve ahead of me.



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This weekend I opened the box on my new Moblite7, Jumper T-Pro radio and BetaFPV Goggles (Big thanks to Will Cheyney for the suggestions on equipment).

After a long few hours scratching my head and figuring out how to connect it all together I finally got the little guy in the air... and very quickly off the ceiling, off the walls and ultimately on the floor. I'm an absolutely awful pilot but what is amazing is the strong community around this stuff. There are a ton of videos and posts to delve in to which I hope will help me to improve.

Next steps:

  • Fly in a straight line, turn around and come back without crashing
  • Get familiar with Betaflight
  • Figure out the settings on the radio to help with fine tuning